Tuesday, July 18, 2017


First of all, full disclosure.....I like spiders.  I think they are fascinating creatures that do great things and get an incredibly bad rap.  Perhaps it was all of the 70's movies where the spiders took over towns and sucked people's blood!

The truth is, spiders are beautiful and useful.  They make sure that our lives are not overrun with insects.  House spiders, if largely left alone, will eat all other insects in your home. Look at it this way...if you have a spider in the house, he is eating SOMETHING!

Spiders do invoke fear in many people.  The biggest reason for this is the fact that they are largely misunderstood.  People fear what they do not understand.  Seeing a spider for most people means they are going to attack you, want to hurt you, want to crawl in your ear while you sleep, or will go to the nearest toxic dump and try to grow 8 feet tall to take over the world.  These are the common misconceptions.  We fear what we don't understand!

Such is the world of those with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities.  So often there are people who are not properly educated, and think it's ok to shun people that they do not understand.  Maybe someone looks at Tyler and wonders if they can "catch something from him".  Or they are afraid of him because they can't handle that he is different.  They might feel better if he is placed somewhere out of sight from everyone else.  

Tyler is still beautiful and useful, just like that spider.  A person with cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair is still wonderful, smart, and charming.  A person with Alzheimer is still fascinating to listen to and share time with.  People that are considered "different" have amazing stories to share because they see life and live life much differently than we do. They are not to be shunned or feared just because they look different or behave differently!

The most rewarding thing that a "typical" person can do is to educate themselves about the wonderful creatures around them.  Just like the spider, Tyler was created by God to serve a very specific and wonderful purpose.  Take the time to understand and feel the beauty in all things...ESPECIALLY those you don't fully understand.

Be well and God bless.   Tom

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