Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tyler Home Visit

Good morning!

We had the pleasure of visiting with Tyler yesterday at his home.  This was the first visit we conducted in his new living space, so we were a little nervous about how he would feel about us being there.  But we also saw this as a step forward in our assuming our new role in his life.

He was happy to see us we could tell.  However, he had a level of discomfort during our entire visit.  It is the same discomfort that he would have during his school days when we would visit him there.  The feeling we get from him is "I love you and am happy to see you but this is my space for other things and you aren't suppose to be here".  So during much of the visit he quietly did his activities and only acknowledged us occasionally.  It was when we went to leave that Tyler got more talkative and happy!  

We know him well enough to understand this was not a slight on his part.  It has nothing to do with how much he cares about us or wants to see us.  It has everything to do with him feeling comfortable with people in their proper perspectives.  In this case it is actually a GOOD thing that he feels this way.  It means he has claimed the home as his home environment, his comfort zone, and his personal space.  Even if it makes us feel a little sad on a selfish level, this is exactly what we need things to be.

Other than that he certainly looked good.  His weight is good and he is very clean and well groomed.  The home is spotless and organized and continues to be a warm and comforting environment.  There is no doubt that he is happy there.

I've included a few pictures below for your enjoyment.  Be well and God bless.  Tom

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  1. Glad he is settled and in a good environment that makes him happy.


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