Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Day the Blog (almost) Died

Good Evening.

About a year ago, this blog almost died.  I wrote an entry about the power of words. I pointed out that our leaders, leaders of all types, are responsible for setting an example for those who followed.  Regardless of political alliances we all have a moral responsibility to be a moral compass for those who are appointing us to do so.  I used Scott Wagner as an example.  While running for Governor of Pennsylvania he threatened to stomp his opponent in the face with golf cleats.  This is a fact.  I openly wondered how we had come so far removed from the respect that should be shown by a public servant.  I felt this to be important because the way we treat others is SO important to the special needs community.  When empathy suffers, the special needs community suffers.  When bullies win, the special needs community loses.  Because I used a conservative candidate as an example, the blog, sponsored by the church, was suspended.  I had to edit the entry or else face loss of sponsorship by the church.  I was not permitted to be "political".
I find it interesting that we often see national church leaders that dont mind being political when it endorses conservative candidates, but will threaten its sponsorship of the blog when it threatens conservative values.
The problem that we face as special needs parents is that empathy is becoming more scarce by the day.  Benefits are cut while needs increase.  Our "leaders" are justifying racism and elitism while their followers are happy to get theirs while thumbing their noses at those less fortunate.
The painful truth is that when our society is failing, the special needs community suffers first and suffers worse.  When we cut taxes for billionaires and cut funding for special needs children at the same time, we have lost our way.
We are a society that nearly cut funding for special Olympics and yet doesn't blink when a RB demands a 40 million dollar contract to play football.  We celebrate an individual who publically makes fun of a handicapped journalist and ridicules an overweight supporter.  We fly racist rebel flags without concern for the pain it causes others.  We watch our babies get gunned down and argue over weapon rights.  We turn away the poor.  We justify selfishness and hate.  These are facts.
Because our values are a direct reflection of how we treat our special needs community, I will never again be compelled to sensor myself.
We have to do better.  We have to demand better.  Forget political affiliation and start thinking of human affiliation.  We must ask ourselves what will help our fellow man FIRST.  Love has to come before all else.  Compassion.  Empathy.  Giving,  Community.  Without those things we will surely die.
Join me in demanding better of ourselves and each other.

Be well and God bless.  Tom

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